I’m not mentally challenged

It’s a Christmas miracle! No seriously, this is a revelation. Guys, my brain is working! I’m friggin on top of things.

When I started this path (52 days ago, but who’s counting?) I thought the biggest change would be how I view the external world. I had no idea how it would internally change my brain. So what did I do with this revelation? I googled it! Check out what I found:   

Geeeeez, if someone asked me a couple months ago if I had a hole in my head I could have said “Ya, many!” 😀 I can’t wait for a year sober. No more holes. My brain will be as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Imagine that! 



  1. Millie · December 8, 2015

    I’m looking forward to a babies bottom brain too.


  2. noddysober · December 8, 2015

    Wow didn’t realise my brain could look like that. Scary.

    Well done on 52 days! Awesome. You’ve done the hardest bit. Best wishes. Noddy.


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