“How much do you drink?”

I outed myself to more people yesterday. Namely, my Mom, Dad and sister. I was waiting on my Mom because she likes to get her drink on. Two years ago she fell and broke her hip. When the doctor asked her how much she drinks she said, “As much as I want”. I don’t care how sober you are, that’s a damn funny line and always will be. Years ago when I told her I quit smoking her reaction was “You’re not going be one of those non smoking bitches now, are you?” GOD, I was hurt over that for so long.  Now it makes me laugh. You can see though why I was hesitant to say I quit drinking. I was pleasantly surprised. She was happy for me. Curious about my reasons for quitting, but genuinely happy. It made me feel good to hear her words of encouragement.

My Dad was more stoic at first. “Proud of you.” That’s all. No questions. I was waiting to tell him because he lives in the Napa Valley and his business is in the wine industry. He also sends me wonderful wines for Thanksgiving and Christmas that are usually GONZO by the time both holidays arrive. This year, they hung around for my guests to enjoy. To be honest I didn’t expect an enthusiastic response. However, after about ten minutes I got a follow up text. He said he needs to curb his drinking for health reasons and finds my sobriety to be inspiring. I was expecting the short answer. Wasn’t expecting the follow up. Again, pleasantly surprised.

My sister. The funnies person on this planet. Some of my funniest moments in life, involving laughing so hard I literally peed myself once, happened when drinking with my sister. Consequently, some of our meanest and harsh words have been spoken in a drunk stupor leading to times where we didn’t speak for years. She’s been very happy lately and I didn’t want to disrupt that by announcing I was sober. That may sound crazy, but her and I have the whole “oh so you think you’re better than me now?” kind of relationship at times. I wasn’t ready to drag that out into the limelight. But I did it. I said it. And guess what? She quit drinking 6 months ago and was hesitant to tell me! So that’s why she’s been so damn happy lately!

I’ve been toying with the idea of mentioning it on FB. I don’t want to be preachy. I hate preachy FB posts. Ugh! However, if there is anyone out there who was like me and felt like they wanted to quit but was afraid they’d be the only person on the planet NOT drinking; I want them to feel like it’s okay. Ya know, create a balance against all the “Look at my margarita” posts. Even if just for a scroll. Has anyone else exposed their life change on social media? If so, how did you say and how did it go?


~ K









  1. suburbanbetty · December 29, 2015

    Have not announced on FB but then again I dislike giving anyone excessive information about me, particularly on FB where I am “friends” with co-workers etc. I’m telling people face to face, as I see them, and as it’s appropriate – I’m not a blurter. But you should do what feels right! And yes, I would rather read an update like that than to look at one more picture of a fucking beer and a burger. “having lunch!” hahaha! So what???

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  2. Jojo · December 30, 2015

    Lovely response from your family!
    I haven’t made an announcement, at Christmas I just said I didn’t feel like drinking and left it that. Today I posted a link to Dry January on FB. I’m going with the drip-feed approach I think.


  3. HealthyJenn · January 21, 2016

    Have not announced it. Not sure when or if I will…although it would be nice to balance out those posts with someone drinking from a big huge wine glass.


  4. xomorgsxo · June 13, 2016

    This is my thoughts exactly- you must be my twin. I want to show the world you dont have to be ugly, not fun or any of those things to be sober! I want people to be proud they are sober. I want to out myself to the world, that I am a normal person and you can chose this life to!!! But i just haven;t gotten the balls yet haha

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    • truthbetold1111 · June 16, 2016

      You don’t have to have the balls. Lol My fear was…what if I put it out there and then go back on my word? I’ll look like an ahole. Haha! If I go back to it I want NO ONE to know I ever tried sobriety. So weird. The social pressure we put on ourselves and pressure we put on ourselves in general. I did end up posting it on FB. It was fine. I got some curious comments and private messages. Not sure I “converted” anyone. We could be twins! 👯


      • xomorgsxo · June 22, 2016

        That was my thoughts too, what if I do drink again after acting like hey guys sobriety is the best! Too funny!


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