Normal to feel nauseous, normal to feel dizzy. Not normal to feel normal.

This is specific to how one feels coming out of camel pose in yoga. However, it’s also how one feels in the early days , and maybe not so early days,  of sobriety. “Take it easy, breathe, and let it go.Whatever you’re feeling you don’t have to hold on to it.” I can hear my instructor saying it now and it feels like she’s speaking to my soul. “You don’t have to hold on it.” She’s right. I don’t. And I think I’ll listen. I won’t.

I have lots planned for this beautiful day. Some family time and then off to a Cirque show in Boston. I get to be the DD.  🙂 I missed that part of sobriety too. There’s something very rewarding about gathering your stumbling loved ones into a car and making sure they safely get home. They’re like little baby ducklings.

Have a wonderful day all!



  1. Lulu · June 12, 2016

    Great title! It’s simple and catchy and I definitely need to repeat this to myself whenever I’m holding a difficult pose or inversion in yoga practice or when I’m in a stressful or triggering situation in life.

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  2. ainsobriety · June 12, 2016

    Being the DD is nice. It feels good to be needed, available.

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    • truthbetold1111 · June 13, 2016

      It was a really great night. I was surprisingly calm around all the booze, enjoyed a fantastic show, and had a safe ride home. Sobriety really is good for the soul.


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