Only go as far as you’re comfortable

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There are poses in class that come very naturally to me. I can bend like nobody’s business in those poses. There are others that I have spent years trying to be flexible in and have maybe moved an inch. Hey, it’s still progress right? I’ve also pushed myself too far in those poses and repeatedly injured myself. I’m sure that slowed the growing process. The times where I pushed myself too far, the thoughts were all the same:

I should be farther along in this pose.

I’m clearly not trying hard enough.

This hurts but maybe it’s a good hurt.

I bet my instructor things I should be father along.

Struggle, struggle, struggle.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately and how it relates outside the hot room. There are behaviors in my life that come very naturally to me. I’m naturally passive. Seeing the silver lining comes easy to me. Showing appreciation is innate. I have a friend who’s very bold. To imagine her passive is comical. I have another friend who is very much a realist. Picturing him being optimistic would make me weary. I have another friend who isn’t thankful for much. If she suddenly started thanking everyone I’d be downright frightened. The difference is in what is genuine. For example, a genuine smile is a warm and welcoming. A forced smile is off-putting and scary.

We are all different. We all bring our strengths to the game of life. I’m learning that I’m not comfortable drinking. When I drink it feels forced and unnatural. No, it wasn’t always that way. It evolved. I imagine one day I might be bold and shed my passive ways. That would be cool! If it happens it’ll happen naturally. It’s important for me to embrace what is and not try and force what isn’t. That’s where happiness lies. That’s where we don’t injure ourselves and slow progress.

Namaste bitches.







  1. ainsobriety · June 30, 2016

    Yoga reminds us to just do what works for us today. It’s is not about the pose, but about the attitude and mental awareness we achieve through practice.
    There is no perfect or final pose….except perhaps savasana, but when we “perfect”that one who knows what happens!


    • truthbetold1111 · June 30, 2016

      Isn’t that the truth. Even Savasana is a work in progress. My mind drifts to holes on the ceiling and I picture faces or animals….did I leave the hose running….did I add chips to my grocery list…I just scratched my nose…I’m not being still today….;)

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